Business Meeting

CPTSC 2017 Business Meeting (*.docx file)


1. Introduction of CPTSC Officers/Executive Committee (elected October 2016).

a. President: Lee-Ann Kastman Breuch

b. Vice-President: Russell Willerton

c. Treasurer: Joanna Schreiber

d. Secretary: Rebecca Walton

e. Members-at-Large (4)

i. Denise Tillery

ii. K. Alex Ilyasova

iii. Teena Carnegie

iv. Han Yu

2. Minutes from 2016 Annual Business Meeting. No minutes from 2016 Annual Business Meeting exist to approve, since the conference was cancelled due to weather.

3. Standing reports

a. Treasurer Report (*.docx file; Joanna Schreiber).

b. Programmatic Perspectives (Susan Popham).

c. Website (Lisa Meloncon): sum of report: new site with online membership will be live shortly

d. White Papers / Administrative Committee (Tammy Rice-Bailey, Aimee Roundtree, Felicia Chong).

4. Conferences

a. 2016 Conference Report (*.docx file; Joanna Schreiber).

b. CPTSC 2018 Proposal (*.pdf file submitted by Lee-Ann Kastman Breuch, University of Minnesota).

5. New Business.

a. FYI Re: Conference Proceedings. Conference Proceedings will continue, but in a different format. Abstracts that were submitted with conference proposals will be included in a publication that follows the conference. These will be included on the new website. One rationale is that we do not want conference proceedings to compete with potential publications for Programmatic Perspectives. Russell Willerton will work on Conference Proceedings for the 2017 conference.

b. Reinvigorating Committees. Online form posted to solicit interest in CPTSC committees in areas such as Assessment, Diversity, International, Grants, and Administrators — Call for Volunteers :

c. CPTSC-GO proposal. Graduate students Nathan Bollig and Jeremy Rosselot-Meritt from University of Minnesota proposed the formation of a CPTSC Graduate Organization, or CPTSC-GO. The proposal (google doc of the proposal) suggests the formation of a committee to create the organization as a part of CPTSC.

d. Raising membership fee. See brief rationale. (*.docx file that opens in new window) The current CPTSC membership fee is $40. Discussion.

e. Any new business from membership.

6. Adjournment.